1x06 - bike ride

An Explanation and New Prompts

It's been a while, hasn't it?

Nearly... what? Three and half years?

While I realize that there isn't a proliferation of new OC fanfiction stories out there, floating around on the web - after all, that's why I stopped posting prompts (along with the fact that I quit writing for this fandom myself), because I am finishing up a flash fic series I left in the lurch back in 2008 and because I need prompts to do so, I thought: why not post them here as well... just in case someone else would be interested in them, too. As of right now, I don't know how many prompts I'll need, so I just decided to create eight new ones, and we'll go from there. If I need more, I'll make more. (The prompts are random thoughts, song lyrics, words written down on folded pieces of paper and then selected without knowledge of the prompts' order.) If there seems to be an interest from others for more prompts, that's great, and, even if I'm not writing anymore OC stories myself, I'll be glad to continue producing prompts for others. Anyway, so that's why this community is once more active... at least temporarily.

Moving on to the new prompts themselves:

OCFF#37: "Sweet like candy to my soul / sweet you rock and sweet you roll / lost for you I'm so lost for you" ~ "Crash Into Me" by Dave Matthews Band

OCFF#38: Stinky Cheese Man.

OCFF#39: "Fear makes strangers of people who would be friends." ~ Shirley MacLaine

OCFF#40: Long underwear.

OCFF#41: Tampons and fabric softener.

OCFF#42: "A man growing old becomes a child again." ~ Sophocles

OCFF#43: "You were born to lose / Take a shot to your head" ~ "Born to Lose" by Sleigh Bells

OCFF#44: Yuck!
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